WELCOME to the VISION LAB @ Qingdao, OUC

The Vision Research Group of the Department of Computer Science and Technology was established by Prof. Junyu Dong in 2004. There are about 60 members in the group, including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 4 lecturers, 3 postdoc and about 50 Master and Ph.D. students. The main research interests in our group include Computer Vision, Underwater Vision, Visual Perception, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Marine Big Data Analysis, Complex Network and Visualization. Research projects were funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), International S&T Cooperation Program (ISTCP , Ministry of Science and Technology), Ministry of Education, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Shandong Provincial Government, Qingdao Municipal Government and Companies. The group has published more than 100 papers in international journals and top-level conferences. We encourage the academic exchanges with the researchers abroad and home, and welcome the promising students to join us.

What's New

  • 2017-12-16         Source code of our paper published in JARS released (Project page)
  • 2017-10-16         ICGIP 2017 was successfully held in OUC, thanks for all the participants!
  • 2017-03-15         Source code of our paper published in IEEE GRSL 2016 released   (Project page)
  • 2017-02-13         Source code of our paper published in JARS 2016 released   (Project page)
  • 2015-12-22         Tropical Cyclone Visualization released   (demo) (code)
  • 2015-11-20         IEEE WCCI/IJCNN 2016 Special Session online   (link)



1. 在联系之前,请先认真考虑: 您是否对实验室的研究方向感兴趣?研究工作可能是充满挫折的,如果没有高度的兴趣,可能会很痛苦。
2. 您最好具有较好的数学基础、较好的编程能力(MATLAB、 JAVA、C/C++)、较好的英文水平(能够不太困难地阅读专业文献);此外,您最好乐观开朗、积极主动,有坚韧不拔的毅力,思维清晰、逻辑性强,具有良好的表达能力。


2017-10-14 ICIGP 2017
2017-08-04 UIC 2017
2016-05-28 “CAAI模式识别专家讲坛” 第二期
2016-07-25 IEEE WCCI/IJCNN 2016 Special Session
2014-04-10 Vision and Learning Seminar (VALSE 2014)


2018-02-01 视觉实验室2017年度总结及评优会成功召开
2018-01-12 实验室研究成果被CCF计算机视觉专委简报报道
2017-12-24 实验室团队在CCF大数据与计算智能大赛取得佳绩
2017-10-16 国际图形和图像处理国际会议(ICGIP)成功举办
2017-07-17 实验室代表队在“华为杯”智能设计竞赛取得佳绩
2017-06-20 实验室举办送毕业生活动
2017-06-04 实验室参与CCF YOCSEF青岛换届会系列活动
2017-06-02 实验室邀请胡国圣博士做人脸识别技术报告
2017-05-28 王胜科老师参加 2017 CCF青年精英大会
2017-05-27 首届数据智能与安全国际会议征文(ICDIS’18)征稿
2017-05-26 董军宇教授应邀在西南科技大学做纹理特征学习报告
2017-04-24 ICIGP 2017 Call for papers
2017-04-02 VPVC special session at UIC 2017 call for papers
2017-03-31 实验室博士生开题报告会顺利举行
2016-10-28 实验室举行CNCC分享会